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Problems Starting The Engine Page 2 Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 April 2008 12:11

Bearing. This is essentially a metal "donut," with tiny balls inside which permit rotating shafts to spin more efficiently. Bearings are widely considered to be the firest upgrade necessary for any kit that includes bushings.

Body Reamer. The body reamer is a must-have tool for creating perfect body post holes in Lexan bodies and other semi-soft materials.

Break-In. A new nitro engine has to go through a break-in procedure to mate the engine's piston to the cylinder sleeve. This provides a longer life expectancy between rebuilds. Recommended procedures will vary by manufacturer and engine. Generally, an engine will need to be run rich and at no more than half throttle for the first 2-3 tanks of fuel. The entire procedure can consist of anywhere from 3-5 tanks of fuel, depending on the individual engine's instructions.

Bushing. A metal, and sometimes nylon, ¡§donut¡¨ that supports a rotating shaft (like an axle).Most metal bushings are made out of something like Bronze Oilite, a metal that is permanently lubricated.

Camber. This refers to the angle of the tires in relation to the ground, as seen from the front and rear of the vehicle Zero camber (90 degrees) refers to tires that are exactly perpendicular to the ground. Tires leaning toward each other have negative camber, while tires leaning away from each other have positive camber. A general rule lf thumb is to have a slight bit of negative camber and to be sure both tires maintain the same camber angle. For the most part you should always avoid positive camber.

Carburetor. This can also be referred to as a carb. this part of the engine controls the ratio of fuel and air entering the engine. There are two types of carbs that rotate. The rotary carb is most common among RTR kits and is fine most applications. The slide carb provides a quicker response and is therefore more desirable to the more serious enthusiast.